BVA Current vacancies for Ethics and Welfare Advisory Panel

Ethics and Welfare Advisory Panel - 6 vacancies including 1 RVN and 1 lay

Role description and person specification

Overall purpose

  • To ensure that the Ethics and Welfare Advisory Panel (EWAP) fulfils its primary role of advising the Policy Committee (PC) and policy working groups on ethical and welfare issues to consider in the development of policy on all veterinary policy matters, including animal health and welfare, public health, and veterinary professional issues.

  • To assist the Association in pursuing its priority issues through developing robust, evidence-led policy positions and consultation responses.

    Duties and activities

    • Actively contributing to EWAP debates and discussions at meetings (currently via Zoom) and via the online forum for committees.

    • Helping to source papers and research and reading papers, research and other information presented to the EWAP in preparation for debates and discussions.

    • Actively participating in evidence sessions and discussions with external contributors.

    • Attending three EWAP meetings per year (NB these are currently being held via Zoom), in line

      with the BVA attendance protocol.

    • Contributing actively to the work of EWAP outside of the meetings by promoting discussion and exchange of views on the BVA online forum for committees (Glasscubes)

    • Serving as a member of policy working groups on an ad hoc basis, attending working group meetings (currently via Zoom), inputting to working group research, evidence sessions and debates, and acting as a link between the working group and the EWAP. Working groups will be time limited and issue focused. EWAP members will be asked to volunteer to join working groups according to areas of interest and expertise.

    • Promoting BVA and BVA membership as appropriate.

    • Safeguarding and promoting the good name and values of BVA at all times.