Forthcoming animal welfare events 

These events are organised by other organisations which may be of interest to anyone interested in the topics of animal welfare science, ethics and law

Please send us details via our Contact page if you would like us to add your event to the list

5th December 2022

Animal Welfare Slack Workspace Webinar Series

  December 5th 8:00 pm CEST          Katarína Bučková & Ágnes...

6th December 2022

ASAB Winter Conference 2022

Animal Movement From local individual movements, and daily foraging movements, to collective movement and dispersal, and global migratory...

6th December 2022

UFAW Indo-Pacific Asia Online Workshop 2022

Controversies and Collaboration: Moving Toward Consensus in Animal Welfare UFAW is pleased to host this event, enabling researchers in the...

9th May 2023

16th Annual Veterinary Forensic Sciences Conference

Save the date! More information will be available soon.

21st June 2023


The Third International Student Symposium on Animal Behaviour and Cognition The ISSABC is the International Student Symposium on Animal...

27th September 2023

Veterinary Ethics Conference 2023

Debates and reflections on ethical issues of the veterinary profession, which were once marginal, are gaining momentum. VETERINARY ETHICS, as a...