'Extremes of welfare: the good life and the use and abuse of animals' (Portugal, Oct 20-22 2016)

The ECAWBM/AWSELVA/ESVCE/PSIAnimal 2016 Congress was held on 20th-22nd October in Cascais, Portugal

What constitutes a good life for sentient animals? Is the notion of a good life distinct from the avoidance of suffering? How should we promote positive experiences for farm, laboratory, companion and other animals? If we have duties to promote positive welfare in domestic animals, do we have similar duties towards wild animals?

How do we measure positive welfare in animals, and what are the research gaps? To what extent is the promotion of positive welfare economically and commercially viable? Is the promotion of positive experience as important as the avoidance of suffering, both morally and legally? How might genetic modification impact the potential for a good life, and what are the ethical and policy implications?