An introduction to qualitative research methods for animal welfare research

Foresight Centre (Block J)
Liverpool University
L3 5QA
United Kingdom

Join us at the University of Liverpool for a workshop on the fundamental value of Qualitative Research. Participants in the day-long event will learn the basic skills needed to run their own study, as well as be given additional information on where to access more in-depth resources and advice about specific issues and methods. 

Qualitative research has the potential to provide insight into the human factors which contribute to animal health and welfare, yet this approach is used far less frequently than quantitative methods. Qualitative data explores human experience and behaviour, for example in the form of interviews, focus groups, textual analysis, and observational methods, in order to understand why people behave the ways they do, the values they hold, and what influences their behaviour. However, the principles and practices of qualitative research are often misunderstood by those more familiar with quantitative methods; for example, concerns may relate to the small sample sizes, generalisability of results, and quality assurance. 

This workshop will provide researchers new to qualitative methods with a practical insight into the guiding principles, foundations, ethics, methods, and analysis processes used, as well as trouble-shooting. Using interactive workshop activities throughout, the workshop will take researchers through the stages of designing, planning and carrying out a project of interest to them. The workshop will be open to AWRN members, and aimed at those new to qualitative research or with limited experience.