30th August 2022

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8th August 2022

International Cat Day: Stressed and obese - vets report most pressing welfare issues facing UK cats


19 cats required pharmacological intervention either short term or on situational basis to help manage behavioural…


Summer 2019 Edition

New Award for Integrating Behaviour into Veterinary Practice

The Irish Veterinary Behaviour Association has announced a brand new award, in honour of Dr Des Thompson OBE, BA, MVB, MSc(VetGP) Hon. FRCVS, whose efforts have been instrumental in bringing veterinary behaviour to Ireland. The award will recognise an individual working in companion animal practice, who has demonstrated enthusiasm, initiative and diligence in incorporating a behavioural approach into their practice of companion animal veterinary medicine.


• Nominees must be working on the island of Ireland

• Nominees can be any member of the veterinary practice team (Vets, Veterinary Nurses, Students, Practice Managers, Receptionists, Clinical Animal Behaviour Counsellors …)

• Nominations should be sent to [email protected] on or before 5pm on July 22nd 2022.

• Nominations should include the nominee’s name and contact email/ mobile; the nominator’s name and contact email/ mobile and a description of why the particular nominee has been recommended for the award (in less than 350 words).

The award will be announced on Friday September 16th 2022, during the Irish Veterinary Behaviour Association's conference "Exploring how a Veterinary Behavioural approach can enhance the management of companion animal orthopaedic cases" at the Hilton Hotel, Templepatrick, Ballyclare, Northern Ireland

Further information on the award is available from: [email protected]


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Guest PostsJohn and Margaret Cooper9th December 2021

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Guest PostsYuki Otani15th November 2021

New survey on attitudes to animal welfare

International Survey Attitude towards Animal Welfare in the UK and Japan This survey explores the views of veterinarians and scientists on animal behaviour/welfare, between the UK and Japan, with the aim of constructing effective strategies for improving animal welfare in both countries. This study is a collaborative study between the University of Edinburgh in the UK and Hokkaido University in Japan.

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