ISAE 2023


The ISAE 2023 congress took place on 1st – 5th August in Tallinn, Estonia, with allied meetings and workshops held on July 31st. It brought together scientists dedicated to research in the science of applied ethology from 40 countries from all over the world. The purpose of the congress was to meet, share ideas make new contacts and further the topicality, importance and synchrony in the world of animal behaviour science. The society is determined to be inclusive and the progress in this regard has been and remains substantial and a model for other scientific societies. 

Professor David Arney said that the Organising Committee are very happy with the success of the congress. “The enthusiasm of the delegates, and the quality of the science presented and discussions were very high. Delegates include some of the most respected scientists in the field and early-stage researchers taking their first steps, and communication between them was relaxed, open, supportive and increased understanding of both,” Arney stated.  

At a local level this meeting was very important for Estonia and for the development and collaboration opportunities for local ethologists. There were four oral presentations by Estonian scientists, including the Wood-Gush memorial lecture by Prof. Harro of Tartu University, and there were also several poster presentations by Estonian scientists. Current and past students and staff of the Estonian University of Life Sciences were among the presenters.   

There were 323 delegates from 40 countries registered to attend the congress either onsite or virtually. 282 participants came to Tallinn. Most participants were from the States, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Canada. There were also delegtes from developing countries (including India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mexico, Nigeria and Ethiopia) whose visit was supported by the society.     

Charles River, Purina and CABI, along with European Union funding contributed to the success of ISAE2023.   

The next ISAE conference will take place in 2024 in Brazil.